Our grease traps are designed for the interception of grease waste water prior to discharge into the sewer. Grease Traps separate the grease from the waste water, which will protect the pipes in the system from blockage with grease and also help prevent blockage of the soil in the same manner.

Where to Use Grease Traps:

Grease traps are rarely used for homes. Their main application is in treating kitchen waste waters from hotel kitchens, cafeterias, restaurants, hospitals, schools, bars, factories, clubs, churches, Schools, or other commercial food preparation or cooking areas and other institutions with large volumes of kitchen.

Material of Grease Trap:

Our grease traps are fabricated from UPVC sheets and pipes, which are manufactured according to the international standards for drainage application.

Capacity of Grease Trap:

Our grease traps are usually manufactured in four types (A, B, C, and D)

Grease Traps Projects:

Grease Trap Type (D):

GT Type (D) Restaurants Installation with Different Size

Grease Trap Type (C):

GT Type(C) Civil Work

GT Type(C) Inlet and Outlet Connection with Civil Work

Our IT Infrastructure Services brings you and your organization the benefit of a highly available IT infrastructure. We are having successful history in delivering business automation solutions provides the inherent strengths to deliver the hardware, software and service elements to meet your infrastructure needs. Our service experts can create, implement, manage and maintain an adaptive IT infrastructure, allowing your staff to focus on building valuable business applications.

Our wide range of network services solutions provides complete life-cycle support for your network. We supply people, process, tools and technology to assure you of an effective, reliable, flexible and secure network environment that supports your business needs.
Our basic offerings include
• Network Design
• Network Engineering
• Network Procurement
• Network Implementation
• Network Management
• Network Security
SKYIT is the industry leader in the provisioning of physical layer integration services for both voice and data networks. SKYIT's extensive Structured Cabling services portfolio encompasses the entire lifecycle from initial design through to installation, testing, commissioning and management of structured horizontal and vertical LAN cabling systems.
• Our areas of expertise in structured cabling include the following:
• All applications, topologies;
• All media types (copper, fiber, wireless);
• Network certification;
• Technology relocation for individuals, departments, companies;
• Modifications to data systems, peripherals;
• Voice/telecommunications, systems and physical network infrastructure; and
• IP Security System Installations
The design, installation, distribution, and management of an efficient data network are one of the most important investments a company can make. SKYIT is committed to meeting our clients' needs, saving them money, and exceeding their expectations.
Our goal is to streamline our clients' structure cabling topography while enabling it to adapt to future requirements. We can provide end-to-end installations for distributed communications systems as well as for large complex data centers. Whether a client is starting from scratch or upgrading its current system to state-of-the-art technology, SKYIT can provide a data solution that meets its requirements today and well into the future.

We specialize in installing structured cabling for both data and voice requirements. We use CAT.5e and CAT.6 standard for voice, depending on your requirement and CAT.5E, CAT.6, CAT.6A and CAT7 for Data. We will work with you to successfully install a cabling infrastructure which is easy to manage and maintain and aesthetically synchronizes with your interior ambiance. To derive the best performance from the cabling infrastructure, we strictly adhere to TIA/568-B standards.
• Telecom Services - Design, Installation, Testing & Commissioning.
• Designing of Fiber Optic and Copper Cable Networks.
• Execution of Turnkey Outside Plant Fiber Optic and Copper Cable Projects.
• Trenching, Ducting, Cable laying, Cable Blowing, Manhole/Hand Hole Constructions, Testing and Commissioning of Fiber Optic and Copper Cables.

SKYIT's Security Solutions address our client's end to end security requirements. SKYIT's proven execution model ensures critical needs are met from requirements definition through to client training. SKYIT offers a complete Commercial Security Services Portfolio. We provide complete design and implementation services for all access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, CCTV/CCTP, and paging/audio needs.

SKYIT's having on software development team. They are having 4 own products suitable for Middle East Market.

  • InTime: This is completely controlling the attendance management in an Organization. This application can be integrated with any external Attendance Capturing Systems.
  • WageOn: This is an Integrated, Flexible and Affordable Human Resources and Payroll Management System ideal for managing organization's most valuable assets the "Human Capital". It is equipped with every aspect of HR management tools as well as robust reporting capabilities. The system helps organizations manage the entire employee lifecycle all the way from planning, recruiting to paying their benefits and compensations. The system is based on a modular approach and thus can be used by smaller organizations as well as larger enterprises.
  • Arcelia: Global competition is a reality in today's business climate, no matter how large or small your enterprise. So it is the need of the businesses to streamline their process models and implement the right set of technologies to hone their competitive edge and maximize market opportunities. In today's ever changing business climate, improving the quality of your products and services and maximizing the profitability in the face of increasing competition are critical to your overall success. With almost every business recognize the importance of information technology and automation as the logical solution to addressing many of the challenges, the difficulty is finding a strategic IT partner whose performance will match the expectations, both in terms of technical as well as industry experience. With those views in mind, the Arcelia integrated enterprise solution was designed from the ground up to be an easy to use, comprehensive, feature rich, open client /server topology based application that can address the business needs of large and small enterprises for financial, logistics, warehousing and distribution management operations.
  • Rent: It is the world's leading Car Rental Solution designed for all type of car rental operations. It can handle unlimited vehicles and is packed with rich features such as quick lookup, fleet utilization, rate management and QuickBooks Integration

Services Overview

We are focused to deliver cost-effective IT solutions to our clients. Our Services includes

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